What do we do?

Support for Governing Bodies

Governance is a highly specific role and we all need support and training for this demanding and challenging role. Our experiences and expertise will be tested to the limits at times during periods of difficulties at our schools, when we find out what being a governor really means.

Governors are the guardians of the student’s welfare and learning experiences, while at the same time, they represent the school in the community it serves and ensure the school delivers to that community. In order to fulfil their statutory duty to ensure that all children attending their school have the best possible standard of education and care, governors must be regularly both in school and behind the scenes, looking at standards, supporting the policies and procedures which enable staff to ensure that all children make good progress, are happy, safe and well looked after. Governors must speak to staff, parents and most importantly to children so they collectively have a good knowledge and understanding about their school and it's pupils, and ultimately to make sure things are going according to 'plan' and that the school is constantly moving forwards and making progress towards the school's vision for the future.

Governors must make sure funding is well spent (particularly Pupil Premium and PE funding), that improvement strategies are effective, that their Head teacher and staff are appropriately rewarded for their performance, that leadership of the school is strong and supported, and that key decision making is informed, balanced and constructive. Governors must challenge under-performance and poor standards, and ensure the minutes of meetings outline the key action points and are concise, focussed and accurate.

For this very skilled and challenging corporate role, a good governing body will always invest in its own development and self-evaluation.

Newport Educational provides support, advice and guidance for school and Academy governance through our comprehensive development programmes, Governance Reviews, Governor Mark Accreditation assessment, clerking services, expert advice for schools in difficulties, school improvement issues, post-Ofsted recovery, data analysis, safeguarding, finance - in fact, whatever you need, we can provide.

If you would like to discuss how Newport Educational can work with your governors or directors please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 01926 356155.


Support for Local Authorities

Local authorities continue to have an important role in the provision of high quality education and training in their area, notwithstanding recent changes in the way schools and local authorities work together. The local authority remains a principle provider of training and support for governors and governing bodies throughout England and Wales.

Newport Educational provides support for local authorities in both their strategic work in school improvement, as well as training, advice and guidance for governing bodies through our comprehensive development programmes.


We recently had the privilege of working over an extended period with Walsall Council, leading their Governor Support Service, in response to a 2014 Ofsted Inspection of their support for school improvement. Our work developed a stronger training programme, and as a result of our much more effective reviews of governance, a deeper understanding and awareness of the strength of governance in each school was established. We have also developed a team of local trainers and consultants. You can access both the 2014 and subsequent March 2016 Ofsted Reports here: http://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/local-authorities/walsall

In particular, Newport Educational offer support to a local authority where:

  • The local authority is now required to outsource governor training and development
  • A local authority seeks additional governor training and development to supplement their existing programme
  • There is a need for a local authority to have an increased capacity to deliver both in-house and centre-based governor training

Newport Educational also has extensive local authority-based experience in supporting governing bodies of schools in difficulty. We offer:

  • A confidential, independent report or ‘health check’ on the quality of governance in a particular school
  • Tailored development, coaching and training for governing bodies of schools in difficulty
  • Specific support for clerking and clerking services

If you would like to discuss how Newport Educational can work with your your local authority and provide tailored, strategic support for the schools and their governing bodies in your area please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 01926 356155.


Support for Head Teachers

There is increasingly strong evidence that in the most effective schools a strong and mutually supportive relationship exists between the head teacher and their governors.

In all of Newport Educational’s courses, we are mindful of this and careful to emphasise the critical importance of a working partnership approach between the head teacher and their governing body; getting the balance right between challenge and support.

As a head teacher, we want to support you in your work and collaboration with your governing body. Head teachers and staff are always most welcome at any of our training courses and events.

In particular, Newport Educational helps head teachers and their governors in schools where:

  • Governors are unclear about their basic duties and responsibilities
  • Governors are passive and lack confidence, requiring too much time and support from the head teacher
  • There is a need to know  what information the head should provide and how it should be provided
  • Governors are assertive and challenging, but about the wrong things
  • Governors need help with their performance management responsibilities
  • Relationships need to be built with a new head teacher
  • Relationships need to be built between governors and staff
  • Relationships are strained between governors and the head teacher
  • Governors need to focus in times of difficulty, bad results or an adverse Ofsted report
  • There is a need to help governors engage effectively with school development planning and action plans

If you would like a confidential conversation about any of the issues outlined above, or any other matter adversely impacting a strong, productive relationship with your governing body please email us at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 01926 356155.