As a leading provider of high-quality governor training in the UK, Newport Educational has developed a comprehensive range of training and development programmes which cover every aspect of governance and clerking.

Because Newport Educational’s training programmes are designed and delivered by school governors, for school governors, we focus on the behavioural aspects of governance, not just the rules and responsibilities.

We also know that the challenges governors face, and the training requirements to overcome these challenges, are not all the same.

This is particularly true in today’s changing national education environment.

This is why we combine our significant governance experience with training expertise to design specific, tailor-made training programmes to meet your exact requirements, whatever those requirements may be.

Newport Educational is committed to good governance. We have the experience, knowledge, skills and flexibility to ensure school governors, governing bodies and clerks are as effective and efficient as they must be to ensure educational excellence.

Newport Educational offers a range of governance training programs, including:

  • In-school, whole governing body training
  • Centre-based training
  • School clusters or partnerships training
  • Governing body health check

These can be accessed as a one-off course, or as part of a subscription based, annual training package.

Talk to us today about your specific governance training requirements and let Newport Educational design a training and development package for your school.