Good Governance

Governing bodies play an increasingly important role in England's education system. With a number of recent and significant changes to the education system, the responsibility for school improvement and improved education outcomes now primarily lies with head teachers, teachers and governors. This, coupled with the increase in the number of schools gaining academy status, as well as the induction of free schools, has placed greater focus on the role of the governing body in relation to school performance.

We are committed to good governance and to raising the profile of the governing body. The following documents and articles provide a broad view on some interesting aspects of governance

  • “Code of Good Governance for English Colleges - Professional: Prudent: Passionate”  Association of Colleges – Governors’ Council,  March 2015 ( )
  • DfE strategy 2015-2020 World-class education and care - March 2016 ( )
  • HMCI's monthly commentary: Sir Michael Wilshaw, January 2016 ( )
  • HMCI's monthly commentary: Sir Michael Wilshaw, November 2015 ( )
  • “Learning from governance in other sectors” – Newport Educational, March 2016
  • Building Better Boards, An Opportunity for Education” by Neil Carmichael MP, Gerard Kelly, Libby Nicholas, Edward Wild – Preface by Lord Nash – October 2015 ( - by request